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90% of Disease is Preventable

We are collecting stories of Americans who used exercise, supplements, and healthy food to reverse chronic disease. We're using these stories to educate and advocate leaders to steer more medical dollars to these interventions that reverse disease and save lives.
The Coalition

We're Building a Movement

Don Faul
CEO, Crossfit
Nicolas Jammet
Co-Founder, Sweetgreen
Nick Green
CEO, Thrive Market
Chris Ashenden
CEO, Athletic Greens
Jeff Byers
CEO, Momentus
Mari Llewellyn
Co-Founder, Bloom Nutrition
Colleen Cutcliffe
CEO, Pendulum Therapeutics
Ryan Duey
CEO, Plunge
Dr. Casey Means
Co-Founder, Levels
Jason Karp
Co-Founder, HumanCo
Michael Brandt
CEO, Ketone-IQ
Lauren Berlingeri
Co-Founder, HigherDOSE
Shizu Okusa
CEO, Apothékary
Anthony Gustin
Co-Founder, Equip Foods and Lineage
Jason Wachob
Co-Founder, mindbodygreen
Colleen Wachob
Co-Founder, mindbodygreen
James Letchford
President, GoRuck
Vani Hari
Co-Founder, Truvani
Justin Mares
CEO, Truemed
Calley Means
Co-Founder, Truemed

The Chronic Disease Crisis is America's Top Issue

40% of high school students qualify as having a mental health disorder
50% of young adults are Overweight or Obese
60% of Americans have a chronic disease
The Problem

A dangerous problem in the United States

9 out of the 10 largest killers of Americans are preventable conditions tied to lifestyle habits.

Solutions are more simple than we've been told…

Often, root cause interventions like healthy food, exercise and supplementation are the best ways to prevent and even reverse chronic disease.We are told lifestyle interventions are hard, but they are not incentivized.

Yet our healthcare system is incentivized to profit from managing disease once we are sick.

This means patients are often prescribed a drug at the first sign of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, or any other warning sign.

The result? In 2024, rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and depression are at all-time highs.

We won't drug our way out of this crisis.

The medical system should be following the science and incentivizing metabolic habits as a first-line defense.

The good news is more Americans are reversing their chronic conditions through root-cause actions like healthy food, exercise and supplementation.

Our premise is simple: incentives matter.

We are sharing stories of how patients have transformed their lives with metabolic habits - and how incentivizing these actions must be the center of medicine.

Our Plan to End Chronic Disease

Educate Lawmakers by sharing stories of American patients who have reversed their chronic conditions through root cause, non-pharmaceutical interventions.
Draft bills and executive orders to incentivize food, exercise and supplements are medical intervention. We are focused on areas like HSA reform, SNAP reform, and food-as-medicine research
Advocate for change by joining our voices together to support specific bills and regulatory actions

Share your story.

We are educating and advocating to steer medical dollars to interventions that actually cure disease.

Do you have a story where healthy food, exercise, or other metabolic habits led to a reversal of your chronic condition?

Share here and we'll use that story to advocate for change.
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Millions of Americans are reversing their chronic conditions with root cause actions. We will share these stories with leaders and advocate for change.

"After years of struggling with my autoimmune condition, I decided to explore dietary changes and a consistent exercise routine. By eliminating processed foods and exercising regularly, I was able to reverse my symptoms. I've never felt better in my life."

Kenneth B.
Detroit, MI

“My doctor had me on statins for high cholesterol, but I wanted to find a more natural solution. By focusing on a dedicated exercise regimen, I managed to lower my cholesterol levels significantly and eventually got off the medication.”

Cameron Schulz
Detroit, MI

“When I was recommended SSRIs for my anxiety and depression, I decided to try a different approach first. By regularly attending CrossFit and improving my sleep habits, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my mental health.”

Sally Z.
Detroit, MI

Let's end chronic disease together. Share your story. Let's end chronic disease together. Share your story.

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